JEL-100 Series Magnetic Flap Flow Meter

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JEF-100 series intelligent metal tube Flowmeter adopts the no-contact and no-hysteresis technology detecting changes in the angle of the magnetic field, and with high-performance MCU, which can realize LCD display: the instantaneous flow, total flow, loop current, environment temperature, damping time.

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JEL-100 Magnetic Flap Level Meter (1)
JEL-100 Magnetic Flap Level Meter (2)

Product Overview

Optional 4~20mA transmission (with HART communication), pulse output, high and low limit alarm output function, etc. The type of intelligent signal transmitter has high precision and reliability, and also high price performance, parameter standardization online and failure protection, etc.


● Suitable for small bore and low flow media

● Long life, reliable and low maintenance

● Low requirements for straight pipe sections

● Large LCD display, can display instantaneous flow and cumulative flow at the same time

● Backlight

● All-metal structure, can withstand high temperature, high pressure and strong corrosive media

● Data recovery, data backup and power failure protection functions

Product Details

JEL-101 magnetic flap level (1)
JEL-101 magnetic flap level (1)
JEL-101 magnetic flap level (2)
JEL-101 magnetic flap level (3)
JEL-101 magnetic flap level (4)
JEL-101 magnetic flap level (5)




Medium Temperature



Measuring Range


Liquid Contact Material

□Stainless steel304
□Stainless steel316L

Mounting Position



Mounting Type




□Flap Local display;□Limit alarm;□Transmitter

Output Signal

□4-20mA; □RS485; □Modbus


□Drain valve



Applications and Specifications

Liquid: water, oil



Medium Temperature


Medium Viscosity

≤ 0.15 Pa.s

Medium Pressure

≤ 25mPa

Medium Density

≥ 0.5g/m³

Measuring Accuracy

± 10mm

Liquid Contact Material

Stainless steel; PVC; PP; PTFE

Mounting Position

Top; Side

Mounting Type

Flange; Thread


Flap Local display; Limit alarm; Transmitter

Output Signal

4-20mA; RS485; Modbus



Technical Parameter

1. Flange size and sealing surface: DN15, DN20, DN25, DN40, etc.

2. Body material: 304 316 316L PP plastic

3. Measuring range (mm): 299~8999

4. Medium density (g/cm3): 0.49~1.99

5. Medium viscosity: ≤0.019Pa.S

6. Working temperature ℃: -39.9~349.99

7. Pressure rating (MPa): ≤31.99

8. Measurement accuracy (mm): ≤±4.99

9. Installation method: side-mounted

10. Protection level: IP64.99

11. Explosion-proof grade: ibⅡCT4 (intrinsically safe type), dⅡBT4 (explosion-proof type)

12. Transmission mode: 4~20mA

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