JET-200 Resistance Thermometer (RTD)

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Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), also known as resistance thermometers, accurately sense process temperatures with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements. By selecting the proper elements and protective sheathing, RTDs can operate in a temperature range of (-200 to 600) °C [-328 to 1112] °F.

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Jeoro manufactures resistance temperature detectors and resistance thermometers for many industry applications. From single- or dual-element RTDs, PT100s-PT1000s, to Sanitary CIP configurations, we have the right RTD type for your job.

In the Jeoro product portfolio, in addition to threaded resistance thermometers, flanged resistance thermometers, or process resistance thermometers, you will also find the right measuring insert for your application.

A wide variety of possible combinations of a sensor, connection head, insertion length, neck length, connection to thermowell, etc. are available for the thermometers, suitable for almost any thermowell dimension.

A disadvantage of resistance thermometers compared to thermocouples is the slower response behavior, since measurements are taken over the entire volume of the measuring resistor.


● Sensor ranges from -196 ... +600 °C [-321 ... +1,112 °F].

● The RTD sensor can be mounted into a thermowell or directly into a process with the use of a fixed, spring-loaded, or compression fitting.

● The assemblies can be supplied with or without transmitters to convert the resistance signal to an analog or digital output.

● The assembly has electrical approvals for explosion-proof hazardous locations, ingress protection and general-purpose areas.

● Electrical authorities that have registered these approvals include CSA, FM, IECEx, and ATEX. The approvals can be with or without an attached thermowell. Our integral flame path is required when supplied without a thermowell.

● The RTD sensor is spring-loaded ensuring a positive contact with the base of the thermowell (replaceable).

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JET-200 RTD (1)
JET-200 RTD (3)
JET-200 RTD (2)
JET-200 RTD (4)


✔ Chemical and petrochemical industries

✔ Machinery, plant and tank measurement

✔ Oil and gas industries

✔ Power and utilities

✔ Pulp and paper


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