• JET-100 Series General Industry Thermocouple

    JET-100 Series General Industry Thermocouple

    The thermocouple has such advantages as a wide scope of temperature measurement, stable thermoelectric property, simple structure, signal available for long-distance and low price.

    It is necessary to select thermocouple materials and protection tubes of different types in accordance with the requirements of different temperature ranges and application environments.

  • JET-200 Resistance Thermometer (RTD)

    JET-200 Resistance Thermometer (RTD)

    Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), also known as resistance thermometers, accurately sense process temperatures with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements. By selecting the proper elements and protective sheathing, RTDs can operate in a temperature range of (-200 to 600) °C [-328 to 1112] °F.

  • JET-300 Industry Bimetal Thermometer

    JET-300 Industry Bimetal Thermometer

    JET-300 bimetallic thermometer is a high-quality tamperproof temperature instrument that delivers exceptional reliability. An ideal choice for accurate temperature readings.

    Bimetallic thermometers are used in residential devices like air conditioners, ovens, and industrial devices like heaters, hot wires, refineries, etc. They are a simple, durable, and cost-efficient way of temperature measurement.

  • JET-400 Local Display Digital Thermometer

    JET-400 Local Display Digital Thermometer

    Digital RTD Thermometer Systems are wide range, high accuracy thermometers designed for many applications where accurate and reliable temperature monitoring and recording are important.

  • JET-500 Temperature Transmitter

    JET-500 Temperature Transmitter

    Advanced temperature transmitter with superior accuracy, stability, and reliability for critical control and safety applications.

  • JET-600 Compact Temperature Transmitter

    JET-600 Compact Temperature Transmitter

    The JET-600 Compact temperature transmitters/sensors are designed for use in harsh industrial environments where reliable, robust and accurate equipment is required.

    Compact temperature sensors are equipped with a built-in transmitter. Available with a wide selection of processes and electrical connections.

  • Temperature Transmitter Module

    Temperature Transmitter Module

    The task of temperature transmitters is to transform the sensor signal into a stable and standardized signal. However, modern transmitters using digital technology are more than just that: they are intelligent, flexible and offer high measurement accuracy. They are a crucial component of the measurement chain capable of improving safety and efficiency in your process.

  • Thermocouple Head& Junction Box

    Thermocouple Head& Junction Box

    The thermocouple head is an important part of the construction of an accurate thermocouple system. Thermocouple and RTD connection heads provide a protected, clean area for mounting a terminal block or transmitter as part of the transition from temperature sensor assembly to lead wire.

  • JEP-100 Series Pressure Transmitter

    JEP-100 Series Pressure Transmitter

    Pressure Transmitters are sensors with electrical transmission output for remote indication of pressure. Process transmitters differentiate themselves from pressure sensors through their increased range of functionality. They feature integrated displays and offer high measuring accuracies and freely scalable measuring ranges. Communication is via digital signals, and waterproof and explosion-proof certifications are available.

  • JEP-200 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter

    JEP-200 Series Differential Pressure Transmitter

    The JEP-200 series pressure transmitter uses a metal capacitive pressure sensor, which has undergone a high-reliability amplifying circuit and precise temperature compensation.

    Convert the differential pressure of the measured medium into a standard electrical signal and display the value. High-quality sensors and a perfect assembly process ensure.

  • JEP-300 Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter

    JEP-300 Flange Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter

    Advanced Transmitter Flange-Mounted Differential Pressure Transmitters (JEP-300series) can be attached to a tank-side flange to measure fluid level, specific gravity, etc.

  • JEP-400 Wireless Pressure Transmitter

    JEP-400 Wireless Pressure Transmitter

    Wireless Pressure Transmitter is based on GPRS mobile network or NB-iot IoT transmission. Powered by solar panel or 3.6V battery, or wired power supply. NB-IOT / GPRS / LoraWan and eMTC, a variety of networks are available. Full-scale compensation, high-precision and high-stability amplifier IC temperature compensation function. The medium pressure can be measured as 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 5VDC, 0 ~ 10VDC, 0.5 ~ 4.5VDC and other standard electrical signals. There are many ways to connect product processes and electrical connections, which can best meet the needs of users.

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